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XYZ Motorized Translation Stage

XYZ Motorized Translation Stage

75 x 55 x 6mm Travel per Axis with integrated controller

Innovative low profile table with integrated Z axis (patent pending) and integrated 6-axis controller

Single cable connection to your PC via USB 2.0 port and external power 24V 4A.

The knob of the focus of the microscope or microhardness tester is available and can be used to move the stage to a convenient positioning under the lens ...


X-Entry Software


Entry level X-Series software for interactive measurements on live and still images in multidocument environment.

Image acquisition in multidocument environment with resolution up to 32.000x32.000 pixels, 32-bit color, with digital TP-Series videocameras.
Image acquisition with WDM-compatible (Windows Driver Model) videocameras with DirectX technology: measurements on the live image (overlay).
Interactive measurement functions: linear distance, angle and its complementary, radius and area of circle by 3 points, perimeter and area of a figure.
Editor on measurement functions for text color, format, background color, line thickness and style.
Insertion of marker and text.
Up to 20 calibration memories for as many objectives.
Autocalibration when the zoom factor or window size change.
Custom toolbars.
Importing and exporting of images in different graphic formats.
English and Italian guide online.


X-Plus - Image analysis

Alexasoft X-Series Software
Software for multiphase analysis, dimensional measurements, Vickers and Brinell hardness test measurement and image archiving in multidocument environment.
Image acquisition in multidocument environment with resolution up to  32.000x32.000 pixels, 32-bit color, with digital or analog videocameras.
Multifocus for creating a perfectly in-focus image from a series of only partially in-focus images .
Automatic alignment of images acquired with stereo microscopes.
Three-dimensional reconstruction (surface 3D) from a set of partially in-focus images.

 X-Plus - Software for multiphase image analysis
...Automatic measurement functions: Perimeter, Area, Full Area, Area Ratio, Equivalent Diameter, Circularity, Length, Width, Maximum and Minimum Feret, Center of Mass Coordinates, Orientation and Elongation.
Results for each single object and statistics (maximum, minimum, mean and standard deviation) for all the objects in the analyzed areas. Constraints: maximum - minimum, inside - outside, selectable for each chosen measurement function.
Classifying: “MultiRange” function for the superimposition of several independent binarization planes. This function allows you to perform top high-fidelity binarizations.
Nine binarization phases with as many user-defined colors...

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